About Heath

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a little better. My name is Heath Barrow and I am (1) a certified personal trainer, (2) an ordained minister, and (3) my favorite, a dad.

I grew up outside of a small town in South Georgia, with dirt roads everywhere. Between now and then, I’ve lived in many places including Savannah (Georgia), Memphis (Tennessee), Nashville (Tennessee), Oxford (Mississippi), Los Angeles (California), Tallahassee (Florida) and Pompano Beach (Florida) just north of Fort Lauderdale.

Along the way, some of my favorite things that I’ve done are

  • Graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) with a major in Exercise Science
  • Had an internship with the Strength & Conditioning staff at the University of Memphis and had the opportunity to train Division I athletes
  • Got certified as a Club Coach with USA Weightlifting
  • Worked as a full-time campus minister at the University of Memphis, then Vanderbilt University, and finally at the University of Mississippi, aka Ole Miss

If that wasn’t enough variety for the first part of my life, I’ve added to it since moving to Daytona Beach to lead a church planting. Some way, somehow I’ve become the father to 2 kids who constantly call me “The Best Dad Ever”…although I constantly tell them that their sample size is very, very small!